Pigeon Island, is a peninsula in Kusadasi which is relatively narrow, man-made causeway despite the fact that it was an island. The inner castle was built  by Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha and the walls were built by Ilyas Aga in 1826. The island was used for military purposes during the Ottoman Era. Pigeon Island with its image, really deserves to be the symbol of Kusadasi. The eye catching view of the island, uniting with the panaromic colors of sunset attracts every visitor. On one side of the Pigeon Island, there is a public beach and cafe that are run by the municipality. You can enjoy your day in these places. Pigeon Island is in the center of Kusadasi and it so close to the Kusadasi Port (Ege Port). You can go there by walking or with the minibuses.

Okuz Medmed Pasha Caravanserai, was built in 1618 by Mehmed Pasha to support maritime trade in the region and it is very close to the Kusadasi Port (Ege Port). Caravanserai has an appearance of a small inner castle. After its renovation, the building is used as a hotel today with capacity of 50 beds in 25 rooms. The structure also used for the Traditional Turkish nights which are organized by local agengies to show the Turkish culture and cuisine to the foreign visitors. There is also a lot of store for shopping in the caravanserai. 

Kaleici Mosque, this mosque was built when Okuz Mehmet Pasha was  the governor of the Ottoman province of Aydin, and initiated a building project in Kusadasi that included a hammam, caravanserai, and city walls, in addition to Kaleici Mosque. Kaleici Mosque is the most impressive mosque in Kusadasi and it can accommodate 550 worshippers. 

The Grand Bazaar, Kusadasi's grand bazaar is a complex of shops where you can buy clothing, carpets, leather, jewelry, spices and more. It is the second largest bazaar in the country, after Istanbul's. 

Old Town Tanneries, the old tanneries renovated into cafes, stores, restaurants and bars in recent years. It is very close to the Setur Marina AVM and Kusadasi Marina. You can enjoy your day and night in here.