Ladies Beach, is one of the primary tourist attractions of Kusadasi. It is very close to the city center and it is a free public beach. The seat and umbrella is optional cost by municipality. Also, it is very crowded on weekends. 

Long Beach, is very close to the Kusadasi AVM. It is one of most crowded beaches of Kusadasi after Ladies Beach. The seat and umbrella is optional cost by municipality. 

Yilanci Burnu, is a second peninsula beyond Pigeon Island. Possibly the location of the original settlement of Neopolis. Some walls are still visible. There are beaches and beach clubs here. 

Dilek Peninsula-Buyuk Menderes Delta National Park, contains within its borders the entirety of the Dilek Peninsula as well as the large delta of the Buyuk Menderes River. Directly west of the national park is the small coastal town of Guzelcamli, where several shuttle buses and ferries operate to and from the district's center to Kusadasi, approxiamately 30 km from the park. The park is among the most biologically diverse of Turkey's national parks. It is the native and migratory habitat of hundreds of speecies of birds, mammals, plants, and marine life, some of which are entirely endemic to the park and cannot be observed anywhere else in the world.

Cave of Zeus, the cave is within Dilek Peninsula-Buyuk Menderes Delta National Park. It is situated about 200 m west of the national park's entrance at Dilek Peninsula. The cave is reached by a 20 m long slippery, stoney trail southwards. The cave's mouth is hidden from view, as it is covered with trees, plants and flowers. Its base has the shape of a pool. The blue-green colored carboneted mineral water of the cave is brackish mixture of spring water from the mountain and salty seawater. The deep pool attracts the attention of local and foreign visitors year-round for bathing and swimming.