*You do not have to carry cash for shopping in Kusadasi. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted in almost all shops.

*Altough the history of shopping malls does not go back, there are now numerous malls in Kusadasi where you can find almost anything you want. The malls are accessible from all districts and there are standart shopping malls with clothing stores, book stores, technology stores. There are also restaurants and cafes with many options to eat and drink.


*There are several streets and avenues in central Kusadasi that are famous for shopping spots. Especially Kusadasi Grand Bazaar, Kusadasi City Bazaar, Ege Port Shopping Mall, Marina Shopping Mall and the biggest one is Kusadasi AVM which is just 5 kms outside Kusadasi.


*The Kusadasi Grand Bazaar is near the Kusadasi Port and it hosts around 150 shops and stores. It is vibrant with many visitors and you can find carpets, jewelery, as well as clothing, souvenir and decorative items there.

*Just couple of minute far away from the city centre of Kusadasi, there is a city market. It is open 3 days in a week. On Tuesday and on Friday, there are fruit markets and it gives you chance to test many different fruits, vegetables and also you can find different spices. On Wednesday, there is a clothes market in here and you can find many different company's clothes. (Note: They sell fake staff in Wednesday Market and of course you can do bargain in shopping)