Compared to a few years ago, the current value of the Turkish lira against the US dollar and the euro will benefit you on your trip to Turkey.

Many Turkish travel companies such as hotels, car rental agencies, tour operators, etc., price their products and services in dollars or euros. Those prices may stay the same. Costs priced in Turkish liras, such as restaurant meals, public transit, and airfares, will probably be lower for visitors converting euros and dollars to liras.

In general, travel costs in Turkey are highest in Istanbul in April–May and September–October; and at Turkish beach resorts in July and August. The average daily travel cost estimates below are per-person, per day, for two people traveling together (that is, sharing a hotel room) and include lodging, three meals, and some transportation. (If you’re traveling alone, expect to spend  more.)

First, check the rate of exchange for your currency and the Turkish Lira. Then, start getting used to thinking in Turkish liras by calculating from these cost estimates.