Turkey's top destinations for first-time visitors are Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus and Antalya. You can visit the top destinations in as little as 8 days on a tour, or on your own if you get the transport just right. Of course, 9 or 10 days is better, and 2 weeks is comfortable.

Guided Tours

Especially on the first trip to Turkey, and especially if your travel time is only around 7 to 10 days, it makes sense to consider joining a guided tour. All the tedious travel arrangements (flights, airport transfers, local transport, hotels, guides, admissions, meals) are taken care of, and you have the opportunity to share your travel experiences with like-minded travelers who are also visiting Turkey for the first time. In many cases, an escorted tour costs no more than making your own arrangements. Tour companies buy travel services wholesale. You buy them retail.

On Your Own

Experienced travelers and small groups may want to make their own travel arrangements and design their own trips. You should consider having one of travel agencies help you to make your travel reservations. It may cost no more than doing it yourself, and when you work with an agency you'll always have a support team of local experts to help whenever changes are necessary, or unexpected events occur.

Private Guides

You can hire a professional, licensed private guide to show you around a city, a region, or all of Turkey. Note that a private guide is required to work through a travel agency, and cannot be a driver as well. Driver and guide are two different professions in Turkey.

1 to 5 Days

From a single day in Istanbul to a five-day Turkish adventure, you can discover top destinations in Turkey.

6 to 10 Days

You can see all of Turkey's top sights and enjoy its pleasures, too—even a yacht cruise or hot-air balloon flight—in six to 10 days. More time means more depth and more fun: sidewalk cafes, beaches, ancient ruins, and more.

11 to 15 Days

More time means more depth and more fun: sidewalk cafes, beaches, ancient ruins, and more. 

16 to 23 Days

This is time enough for a Grand Tour, including sights off the beaten path.